The Art of Creativity

I’ve been going through some of my past papers and reflecting on my writing and stumbled across the paper I wrote to get into Drake University. My essay below focuses on my passion in art and my creative process.

Art, Love, and Passion

Art has always been an outlet for me, whether it’s been a good day or bad. I find it to be a safe place to just forget about the outside world for a bit and focus on something that I want to create. I would do it for hours if I could and whenever I think of an idea or art piece that I’m really excited about, I forget about everything else. Some of my favorite days are when I’ve had an idea in my head for a while and I finally get to put it on paper or draw it on my iPad.  It’s captivating in the way that you could go into it with one idea but finish it looking nothing like how it was intended to be. I find drawing, painting, or doing any kind of art captivating because I can make whatever I choose. Sitting in front of a blank canvas and knowing what I want to do is one of the most exciting feelings to me. I love the feeling of knowing that even your most exciting ideas aren’t created yet and that there’s nothing tying me to a certain idea, if my mind changes, then my mind changes.  My second favorite feeling would have to be when a piece has taken a long time and maybe it hasn’t quite come together like I would like, but then I make a few adjustments and it finally clicks and you can see it all coming together. The freedom I have to express myself and the fact that I can do it in a way that maybe I only understand the feelings behind it is exhilarating. One piece could look one way but hold a completely different meaning to the artist and no one would ever know.  To me, it’s a way to publicly express myself while still being able to hold a sense of privacy in the piece as well. 

My favorite piece I’ve ever created was in sophomore year for my art final. Fueled by his concert a month prior and the love I have for the music artist Shawn Mendes, I wanted to combine his albums together to make one piece. I started with his guitar, a staple item for the artist, also featured in one of his album covers and I added the distinctive characteristics that made his albums stand out to me. The end result was a gratifying expression of my artistic vision.

Often when I’m in a rut and want to learn something new like different techniques or styles, I tend to watch YouTube videos. Knowing that the internet is a very large space, I have many opportunities to learn new things. However when I want to get an honest review, I have many people I rely on. I’ll go to my parents because while my dad chooses where to point out the flaws, my mom is honest about whether it’s good or not because she knows I’m not asking someone to tell me that they like it. I’ll also reach out to a few other friends whom I’m close to enough to know they won’t lie about it. I always take constructive criticism to try to get my point across better or what I need to change. Being as I’m very critical of myself, I’ll also voice my thoughts about what I don’t think is quite right and if they agree then I know to fix it but if they don’t see it then I leave it as it is. In the end, I take the constructive criticism and I either take it and fix it or keep it the way it is. The entire process from starting with a blank canvas and an idea to finishing up the last touches and being proud of myself and the work I put out is why I find art so captivating.

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