About Me

My name is Ryley Roudabush and I’m a sophomore double majoring in Digital Media Productions and Graphic Design at Drake University. I currently live in Des Moines, Iowa for college but I am from Bloomington, Minnesota and live there during the summer.

I have always had a passion for art which is where I discovered my interest in Graphic Design. My interest for Digital Media Productions was not obvious right away. I started my freshman year with a major in Journalism however after taking a few digital media courses, I found my love for it and switched to Digital Media Productions. My majors make me feel excited for my future and the jobs I will have. I love that I can turn some of my passions into a career and while I am not certain what direction I want to take, I am excited to figure it out.

My experience is minimal as I am learning and growing in my majors. With my major in Digital Media Productions being new, the only experience is from the classes I have taken and continue to take. Aside from the classes I have been taking, I have had more experience in supporting my Graphic Design major. Starting this summer, I started partially working for an agricultural company my dad works for, Atlantic Pacific Agricultural. I have worked on a few projects for the company like logo and tablecloth designs and I’m currently working on two postcards to promote their new products. This experience has given me the opportunities to learn and grow. I’ve started getting an idea of how to work with clients and how to take feedback.

I am currently searching for internships relating to Digital Media Productions in the hope of getting more exposure and experience. I hope with the exposure I will get an idea of what direction I want to go in and get a better idea of what I want my future career to be. I am working to find an internship for my Spring 2024 semester here at Drake University and then find one summer of 2024 while at home in Minnesota.

Aside from experience with my majors, I have had a few jobs over the last few years. While I’m home in Minnesota I work as a Dietary Aide at Minnesota Masonic Home and have been there for over two and a half years. Working as a Dietary Aide has provided me with many skills like multitasking and providing quality customer service to the residents that I help care for. During the school year, I work for Drake University’s Recreational services as a Facility Manager. I help manage one of the two gyms on campus which has also helped me strengthen my skills in customer service. While I have had many other jobs, these two have had the most impact on me as an individual and taught me the most.